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This is Really not that Hard...You can make a  Homemade Magnetic Generator!

 What is a Homemade Magnetic Generator?

This really is not as hard as everyone is making it out to be!

A Homemade Magnetic Generator is really just a standard generator, except instead of using gasoline, it uses the power of a magnets magnetic field. 

 Your standard generator will use gas and then use that energy to turn a turbine and that creates the electricity.

Magnetic Generators position magnets on and around the turbine which allows the rotation without the use of any type of fuel.

Because it does not use fuel it is very inexpensive and this will allow the power generators to run for years non-stop.

Will a Homemade Magnetic Generator Save Me Money?

 There is alot of power in Homemade Power Generators, they actually can power your home and all the appliances also. 

The Savings alone are well worth the investment – reported savings of 50% - 100% of the energy/electric bills. 

One of the major benefits of Homemade Magnetic Generators is that they can run for years upon years without stopping.

Once you get or build one of these power generators and you put it to use in your home, it will continue to supply your home with power non-stop for years to come.

Homemade Magnetic Generator Plans

Now you must be thinking at this time.  How will I build or Buy one of these Homemade Magnetic Generators?  I have never built anything from scratch or don’t know where to start.

 Well, I am glad you asked.  There are plenty of  Books and Guides that can assist you with this and they have Step-By-Step Instructions – which is the only one you should purchase.

For Under a $100 Dollars

Homemade Power

Most Homemade Power Generators can be built for less than a $100.  If you decide to get a prebuilt Homemade Magnetic Generator – you can expect to pay  anywhere from $700 to $1000.

How Many Generators Do I Need?

One Power Generator is all you need to power your home and start saving on energy or electrical monthly bill.  Most people are reporting savings of up to 50% or more of the monthly bill.

Homemade Power Generators


If you want more savings, try using a second generator and you could be Completely Free of Your Electric Company altogether.

For someone that wants to Save Money and cut their home expenses considerably – this is a NO brainer.

What to Do Next?  Get your hands on a Step-By-Step Guide or Book and start reading and learning exactly how a Homemade Magnetic Generator can start you on your way to tremendous savings!